Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Our Hearts Are Heavy Today...

We would like to send our heart felt condolences to the family of George K, a longtime customer of the shop, who was struck by a motorist while out on his ride yesterday afternoon. 
After speaking with Danville Police late yesterday, my hopes were not high... My daughter Ayla answered a call from officer Shields, who contacted us hoping to identify a cyclist involved in a collision. Our shop frame sticker was the only clue they had. These types of calls don't come in frequently, but when they do we are all reminded of how precious life is and that we all need to slow down and cherish the lives around us. In these cases the focus tends to be on fault. And while I read some semi-nasty things pointed at cyclists versus cars related to this event, to me the only thing that matters is that someone does not get to go home the their family. While most accidents are avoidable, we all need to drop the phones and be vigilante about sharing the road. At the time of the call the police were still stitching the story together. Officer Shields asked if he could send me photos of the bike in hopes that I could provide him info on the owner. After seeing them, I immediately knew who the bike belonged to and my heart dropped from the weight of the images. I'm just happy we were able to help them notify his family.
A reminder - and I personally will be making sure I take care of this - GET ROAD ID or carry some bit of info on your bike! Especially if you ride alone frequently. Take care Everyone! And please mind those around you, you never know who's life you may save.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Campagnolo - The Revolution continues

CAMPAGNOLO - A long road indeed! I wonder how many miles have been ridden on Campy components...
Enjoy the video.


Thanks Freddie

Thanks Freddie! Please stop by, try on a kit and become a cycling community activist.
Support the Fast Freddie Foundation. 

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Friday, March 6, 2015

Press Play Performance Lab teams with Pegasus Bicycle Works

Fast Freddy Rodriguez being tested at Press Play Lab
Press Play Performance Lab 
has a new, east of the hills, home at Pegasus Bicycle Works! We have joined forces to bring you the best fitting team available in the bay area. 

"No fit system here."

"Bike fitting is part ART, part SCIENCE, and part EXPERIENCE. While there are many bike fitting schools out there, we don’t limit ourselves by subscribing to just one way of fitting. Our bike fits are based on biofeedback. In other words, we use advanced, state-of-the-art technology and our medical experience to find the best fit based on YOUR anatomy, pedal stroke, alignment, previous injuries (probably most important), core strength, stability, and flexibility. Having years of physical medicine experience, we have learned early on that we must test each change we make. We carry that over to our fits. Each fit change gets tested by science, not by a guess." -Press Play

This philosophy is why we are working together. There are plenty of "one size fits all" methodologies out there. And I have never personally felt that any of the fitting ideologies fully encompass what I see as "bike fit". After fitting for so long, I can see where you are inflexible or which of your legs is shorter. Which knee is dropping in or bowing out. Where  your pelvis is tilted or rotating. Once you have been on the trainer for a bit, all those anatomic pieces of the puzzle become evident. And there are things you cannot see about yourself while riding. I was fit by Mitch a few weeks back and I learned what my body looks like while I ride. All those things I noticed on others, I could never see or feel myself doing while I rode. Mitch also took me through the Surface EMG testing. And I learned which of my muscles were firing and when, all through my pedal stroke. Based on the results I now have exercises I perform before my ride to prime those muscle groups not working enough. No gimmicks, just understanding of how your body works on the bike. The results? Well lately I have been posting some PR's on Strava. While the amount of riding I'm doing hasn't  really changed, the way I feel has. And the simple priming exercises seem to be helping along with the on-the-bike tweaks and pedaling form development. Sound interesting? 

Check out the Press Play site at or

Schedule ONLINE here

We are starting with appointments on Fridays for now, but will open up other days of scheduling as demand grows.

Every bike fit includes:
Saddle Pressure Sensors during bike fit 
TT, Road, Cross and Mountain Bike
  • Body evaluation including flexibility, stability, leg length, and alignment as it relates to cycling.
  • Pedal forces, stroke, and power analysis using our Pro Analysis technology 
  • Saddle and Foot Pressure sensor data
  • Saddle Testing (bring some of your own or test what we have in stock)
  • Orthotic evaluation/testing
  • Shim/Wedge testing
  • Changes to bike fit
  • Exercises (in video format!) to correct dysfunction and become more efficient and powerful
  • Fit Sheet
  • All test results, exercises and fit changes explained
  • Force Time Plot