Thursday, October 8, 2015

Post Rain Trail Ride

The light tamping the trails received from the rain last week is all but gone. Even with the predicted precipitation, I think we will be able to hit the trails all winter. The ground is so dry that it may take some biblical rain to get "normal" winter trail conditions... we can only hope. And I hope my forecast is incorrect and we are kept off the trails for a little while. Hope you all had a nice weekend

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Breezer Designs Bike for the Pope

Breezer Designs a custom bike for the Pope and donates 100 bikes to bicycle based community programs in Philadelphia! All in an effort to advocate the "noblest invention". 
"A simple bicycle offers not just healthful exercise but access to employment, education, and health care," said Mayor of Philadelphia Michael Nutter. "The bicycle is a true champion for all, regardless of socioeconomic or cultural background, gender, age, or any perceived limitations. Getting places under their own power gives people an enhanced sense of their individual potential and greater hope about their lives." take a read...
My only comment about the bike? It may be a bit to flash for Francis. He seems to a jesuit through and through.

For the full article click below.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Simcoe Bicycles Now in Stock

We would like to introduce you to Simcoe Bicycles. Simcoe was born in a little bike shop in Toronto, Canada. Reflective of their roots the bikes are made to withstand the harsh conditions of the north. High quality stainless hardware, phosphate paint base layer, strong touring rims with stainless eyelets, Shimano roller brakes... the list goes on. Frame geometry is great for city/busy trail navigating. Stop by and take one for a spin and experience why "Simcoe is the renaissance of the everyday bike in North America."