Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Morning Diablo Sun

The Mount Diablo Challenge began with an amazing sunrise and rain reminiscent of the central plains. The sage infused breeze delighted our senses and the stage was set for a very Northern California day.

By 8:45am we had the Pegasus Lounge set up with Peet's coffee and Noah's bagels and schmear. We enjoyed sharing with all that came, from the first to the last rider (who happened to be under the age of 10!). This little girl rocked and coincidentally, she was one of our customers riding a bike I had sold her. It was the icing on a great day!

Thanks again to everyone for coming out to support one of the World's best training centers, Mt. Diablo.

In honor to you all, we will be offering a 10% discount to all entrants of this year's Challenge. Just stop by with your race number during the next week. (This offer will expire on Sunday, October 10th at 5pm and does not include sale items.)

Stay tuned for our Pegasus TV video clip showing moments and interviews from the day!