Monday, January 9, 2012

Mount Diablo 2012

Resolution. I have to say, the aformentioned word was not heard by my ear this year from anyone. How many of you made New Years resolutions?

This was mine. Get up, get the kids out the door, drop them off for school and ride the mountain, all before I have to open the shop. On January 9th, I met my resolve. It has taken since September of last year to do this, but the point is that I finally did it.

Finding inspiration... What is it that finally inspires you to return to something you forgot you needed? The stress of  life gets us off track and meandering in different orbits. That's what happened to me.

Today Mount Diablo held an alien scenery, especially for January. Brown still. Fall has not lost its dry, dead grip and the hardened clay is begging for moisture. My rides these days are painful, slow and painfully slow. Today was no exception, but I did feel better about meeting the morning with two coyotes and a lone buck.  (Having an extra winter layer made the descent one of my better times in a while.)

Who wants to join me this weekend for round two?