Wednesday, December 19, 2012

We're Moving to a Great New Location!

It's just a few blocks away, and we're excited to be surrounded by coffee, food, and even adult beverages for our post-ride needs.

We're closing the current location on January 1st, and then reopening at the new location on January 4th. It’s going to be a fantastic New Year!

Here's a map to the new location:

114 E. Prospect Ave. 
Danville, Ca.  94526

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mt. Diablo from China Camp

Mt. Diablo viewed from Nike missile site at China Camp

How long is too long? When is enough? The questions may be rhetorical, but we all think about them. Not always voiced, but definitely felt, where is your limit with the outside world? That point we reach when only a ride will do. Or, as in my case, why has it taken so long for us to ride again? Life has its fences and mazes that redirect our intent, derailed intent is never good.

This morning I had the honor to ride with two of the most regular riding partners I have. Two friends that life has given me along my way. At times we all ride together or we divide up into pairs on occasion, depending who has what, going on where. In all we have been riding together for 17 years. Like many of you who have a group you ride with, life flings its arrows and you find each other apart and not really knowing where the other went. By the time you regroup, a month has gone by. And, with that month went all the fitness a forty-something husband, father of three kids and small business operator, can get.

Banging out those miles on the single track of China Camp does not come easy, but you slowly get back into the rhythm of the trail...root...root...turn....root....root...rock....root... root... tree... you free yourself from the handle bar table of life's daily necessities, which are currently causing you to climb slower than you remember. Your eyes open to the trail in front of you and you begin to think, "Why is this not a daily necessity anymore?"

Perfect riding conditions

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rocky Mountain Demo day April 6th

Riding with friends on Mount Tam
Here is your opportunity to try out both a full-suspension and a hard-tail 29'er. On Friday, April 6th we will be having our annual Rocky Mountain Demo day.

Location will be from the shop, all day long. BEAT THE LONG LINES at Sea Otter and try the very same bikes they will have there, before everyone has had a chance to thrash them. 

We will have the models and sizes listed below. 

Please call to reserve yours today, 925.362.2220. Take a look at

Day of will be first come first serve, with the first ride leaving at 10:15 am. Our most requested tour leader, Chris, will be leading the first ride of the day. He will answer all your 29'er questions,  general biking questions, latest album release questions(the new Shins release is currently on the discussion table), femur lengthening questions and any other life questions that may come up on the ride. 

See you on the trail, 


Element 950 all sizes
Slayer 70  16.5,18,19,20.5
Vertex RSL level 990 Med , Lg
Altitude 970 18,19,20.5
Element MSL 16.5,19

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Carbon 29'er Anyone?

2012 Scott Carbon and Alloy twenty-niners are here! Since their introduction two years ago, these bikes have sold out long before the season started and this year is no exception.

The word on the carbon hard tail is PLUSH. The happy Pegasus customer to the left, has been ecstatic about his recent purchase and still cannot believe how comfy his new RC Scale frame set is.
Stop by for test spin... Models in the Aspect 29 series start as low as $520.00. The Scale series are the nicer spec'd models and start at $925.00. Also,  check out the all new Spark 29 full suspension...more to come on that one.

My first impression of this hard tail is "no compromise". It covers the bases with the speed of a 29 and the agility of a 26. Speed and comfort rarely blend in a carbon hard tail.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Mount Diablo 2012

Resolution. I have to say, the aformentioned word was not heard by my ear this year from anyone. How many of you made New Years resolutions?

This was mine. Get up, get the kids out the door, drop them off for school and ride the mountain, all before I have to open the shop. On January 9th, I met my resolve. It has taken since September of last year to do this, but the point is that I finally did it.

Finding inspiration... What is it that finally inspires you to return to something you forgot you needed? The stress of  life gets us off track and meandering in different orbits. That's what happened to me.

Today Mount Diablo held an alien scenery, especially for January. Brown still. Fall has not lost its dry, dead grip and the hardened clay is begging for moisture. My rides these days are painful, slow and painfully slow. Today was no exception, but I did feel better about meeting the morning with two coyotes and a lone buck.  (Having an extra winter layer made the descent one of my better times in a while.)

Who wants to join me this weekend for round two?