Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Carbon 29'er Anyone?

2012 Scott Carbon and Alloy twenty-niners are here! Since their introduction two years ago, these bikes have sold out long before the season started and this year is no exception.

The word on the carbon hard tail is PLUSH. The happy Pegasus customer to the left, has been ecstatic about his recent purchase and still cannot believe how comfy his new RC Scale frame set is.
Stop by for test spin... Models in the Aspect 29 series start as low as $520.00. The Scale series are the nicer spec'd models and start at $925.00. Also,  check out the all new Spark 29 full suspension...more to come on that one.

My first impression of this hard tail is "no compromise". It covers the bases with the speed of a 29 and the agility of a 26. Speed and comfort rarely blend in a carbon hard tail.


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