Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Morning inspiration by Jack Handy

Climbing above the fog. There are times when we are so "in" our world that we think the sun will never shine again. A shift in perspective often leads to a road that proves otherwise and can often offer a new view and revelation of the world around us...

Monday, February 23, 2015

Bianchi brings Eroica to California

Calling all pre-1987 bikes and riders!! Bianchi is bringing Eroica to California. Here is your chance to participate in a challenging and fun retrospective ride honoring the sport of cycling. This is not a race, but rather a homage to the "Heroic" feats performed by cyclists and racers of a bygone era. This a great reason to dust off that classic you have in your garage. Try a day on a steel bike with toe clips and straps, 5-6 gears on a freewheel and a wool jersey and shorts with an actual deer chamois. (well maybe not that far, a modern chamois is ok) If you are missing some of the items in Article 6 (see website), we have all the solutions for you. Guaranteed to be a memorable event!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Colnago 50th Anniversary Re-build with 2015 Chorus

As promised, the Colnago 50th Anniversary build. The photos don't capture how nice this bike is, nor how well it rides. By many accounts and collectors of Colnago, this frame is still considered one of the best to ever roll out of Cambiago, not that many of Ernesto's bikes still do. It is a reminder that when we think short term profit we can sacrifice long term quality and heritage. Sure some fine bikes come out of Asia, but I'm not sure the passion still remains. When you fork over your hard earned dollars for a fine, high-end Italian bike you aren't expecting to see a made in China sticker on the BB, or do you? What do you think? Does having "old world" craftsmanship still hold any value to any of you out there? When it comes to handmade products I have always felt that the builder leaves a bit of himself in every bike he or she builds. There is an underlying knowledge that exists when a person understands what they are building and why. As opposed to someone that is performing their job. My question is, "What is the value of that knowledge?". Are we willing to pay what it will cost for a small manufacturer to stay in business?
Colnago has eclipsed their 60th Anniversary now, so this bike is over ten years old. But to rest your feet on the pedals and glide across the pavement, you would never know.