Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fall Repair and Maintenance Clinic

before you get this far, stop by for the tutorial
How has the year treated your bike so far? We are starting the Fall Clinic series on Saturday October 18th @ 4pm.

The first course always runs through the basics for those you who are not comfortably familiar with your bicycle. We cover roadside repairs and basic maintenance of your amazing machine. We cover all makes and models of bikes, so don't think your bike type or brand will be shunned here. That Rainbow jersey goes further than it's traditional 'World Champion' designation.

When do I service my bike? How often do my shocks need to be serviced? When are my brake pads too worn?
We wil answer

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We will host the event with some finger-food and beverages! (both hard and soft) Growlers may be present for you fellow beer lovers.

Saturday October 18th @ 4pm.

Creaky noise coming from cranks? 
Pad on left is new, pad on right is done.