Monday, May 2, 2011

May Day Rides - New Shop Hours

Ok, so it really isn't on May Day, but we are officially starting the shop riding season on Wednesday the 4th of May.
  Join us for a NEW Wednesday morning ride. This ride will be in addition to our regular riding schedule and will be a permanent ride from May through September. This ride is also a part of our NEW Pegasus / Kovarus Cycling Club and will be attended by members of growing Riding club that all of you should join. If you are looking for a group of non-racers to ride with, this is your group. All abilities, ages, creeds, colors and love orientations are welcome! The Pegasus Staff will also be there, so no worries while out on the road. We are also looking for input on the ride, routes, on or off-road, hills versus flat, etc. The rides will generally be about 35-50 miles at a moderate pace (14-16mph avg.) With the routes changing every week.

Ride departs at 9 am-ish. (for those of you who have never ridden with me ;).

This will be a great way for anyone new to the area to discover our amazing back yard. Make friends, learn how to ride in a group, fix flats and maybe even some roadside emergency tricks!

With this new additional ride, our shop hours on Wednesday will change to 12 noon to 7pm. (normal hours  were 10am to 7pm.)

Remember, we are here to help your riding experience in every way.