Monday, August 9, 2010

Pegasus Goes Klunking in Marin

Normally we're extremely cutting edge at Pegasus Bicycle Works. We're always keeping our eye out for the next technological advancement in cycling. It's a part of what we do. That said, we also have a strong appreciation for the rich history that the bicycle has provided all of us during the past decade and a half.

On a recent ride in Marin County, yours truly, the BlogginGoggin, got his Klunk on. Yes, klunk! I had the pleasure of riding the latest addition to my barn full of bicycles. It's an Alan Bonds built 1938 Schwinn Pullman built to be precisely as the original Repack Klunkers were built. Thanks to Alan, and also congratulations for his recent indoctrination into the Mountain Biking Hall of Fame.

It's hard to explain in words just how much fun I had on this bike. I will say this, I now know exactly why the founding fathers of mountain biking were riding these bikes. They're a real dream of a ride. They may be rigid, but their feel is like nothing else that I've ridden.

The blue and white bike is Eric Borsky's 1936 La Salle with its original paint. He's a huge fan of these bikes since he rode them back in the seventies. I'll need to play catch up on the history of these bikes. I'm feeling a bit like a rookie.

These bikes are a part of our history...

- BlogginGoggin