Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mt. Diablo from China Camp

Mt. Diablo viewed from Nike missile site at China Camp

How long is too long? When is enough? The questions may be rhetorical, but we all think about them. Not always voiced, but definitely felt, where is your limit with the outside world? That point we reach when only a ride will do. Or, as in my case, why has it taken so long for us to ride again? Life has its fences and mazes that redirect our intent, derailed intent is never good.

This morning I had the honor to ride with two of the most regular riding partners I have. Two friends that life has given me along my way. At times we all ride together or we divide up into pairs on occasion, depending who has what, going on where. In all we have been riding together for 17 years. Like many of you who have a group you ride with, life flings its arrows and you find each other apart and not really knowing where the other went. By the time you regroup, a month has gone by. And, with that month went all the fitness a forty-something husband, father of three kids and small business operator, can get.

Banging out those miles on the single track of China Camp does not come easy, but you slowly get back into the rhythm of the trail...root...root...turn....root....root...rock....root... root... tree... you free yourself from the handle bar table of life's daily necessities, which are currently causing you to climb slower than you remember. Your eyes open to the trail in front of you and you begin to think, "Why is this not a daily necessity anymore?"

Perfect riding conditions