Tuesday, December 14, 2010


 We are now your East Bay Chrome location!
"Chrome started in Boulder, Colorado 14 years ago when a couple of guys needed bags and couldn't find anything that met their standards. So they got the toughest materials they could find, headed into their garage and started sewing. Functional seatbelts from used car lots were re-purposed into bag straps, and tough vinyl fabric salvaged from old furniture was sewn into bag liners.
Before long, people were knocking on their door. Word was out that Chrome was making the best messenger bags around. What started out of necessity became a business with an ethic: build functional products that people can rely on and do it well.
Eventually we moved to San Francisco, a city with a huge urban cycling scene. The business grew. Bags were joined by clothes, gear and shoes. Our products showed up from Brooklyn to Berlin to Tokyo. But what matters today is what mattered in the garage – building products that work, and standing behind everything we make."

 Stop by and throw on a pair of shoes or a messenger bag. These sneaks are not your grandpa's Chuck Taylor's. They are built to out-last and out-ride those things into the ground. While they have only one SPD compatible shoe in the line up, they all share a special shank insert that stiffens the sole enough to make them a great shoe to ride around town in. Learn more http://www.chromebagsstore.com/

In celebration we will be having a SALE until December 24th. Come in and save 15%off your Chrome product purchase. Sale includes special orders too!