Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pegasus Crew Members Ride in Marin

Pegasus Bicycle Works has "team members" all over CA, and probably beyond. Today Chris and Darrin came out to Marin County to ride with me, BlogginGoggin. If you become a follower of this site, we make sure that you know about these outrageously fun rides.

The day was amazing and the riding was impeccable. We did all of the usual suspects in terms of the fire roads on Mount Tamalpais. We rode on Railroad Grade, Eldridge Grade, Indian Fire Road, and Blithedale Ridge. It was a lot of climbing, and then there were also a lot of miles were laid down today.

At the end there was a treat that was provided by BlogginGoggin. I promised Chris and Darrin that I'd show them some really great legal single track, but that they'd need to do at least another 1,000 ft of climbing. They were down with that! So off we went. We reached the entrance to the single track and we dove in with gusto. The trails are perfect right now, and I always ride the ones that drain well after storms. We rolled and swooped along the narrow and obstacle ridden trail until we reached the road below. I think that they enjoyed that! Thanks for coming out to Marin guys, it was a hoot!

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