Monday, September 13, 2010

Remember When......

Late 60's Schwinn Midget.
Made in USA, $41.90
At one point in time this was the height of my cycling consciousness. We all have our earliest memories of our first bike and the life expounding moment when we first flew across the surface of the earth. My first bike looked just like this one, but was blue. I imagine it must have been a birthday gift. You'd think I'd remember, but that day my father and I took a trip to his friends shop. And, I had no idea where we were headed, so the day started on an exciting note. Yes, my first bike came from a man who ironically, was starting his own shop in southern California. (being an IBD supporter started early in my family)

Dima aboard a 70's AMF midget knock-off
My first attempts at flight are guided by my father. It is fall and the crisp, cool morning air hits my face as I nervously turn the pedals. Catching my self as the bike falls from side to side, my father runs behind me to my left. Words of advice and encouragement fall over my shoulder as I pedal forward. Slowly, rhythmically, the bicycle  stabilizes and I feel the weight of the world lift from my shoulders and I'm flying! I had forgotten about the conversation my father had started, to slightly distract me from concentrating too hard. I turned my head to check in with him. He is gone. I am alone, guiding my own destiny, following my will and whim. (Well at least for the moment.) That feeling of flight, weightlessness, freedom, strength and independence... It has never left me.

Whenever I'm asked about the name 'Pegasus', I think of this experience. The bike is never the same. No ride is ever the same. Every time we saddle up we are not sure if that horse will let us ride, or for how long, before she tries to buck us off. Those horses can be unpredictable, especially when they leave the ground!

Each time I climb aboard a bike, it all comes back.

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