Monday, November 22, 2010

De Rosa Avant Arrives...

 Everything began just after the war. It was 1947, I was 13 years old and crazy about bikes. It was the time of the Sunday magazine, the Domenica del Corriere, with its covers drawn by Walter Molino illustrating the feats of Bartali and Coppi. For me, it was a time for studying but also for dreaming. And in the workshop of Filippo Fasci, one of my relatives, I dreamed of building myself a bike and becoming a champion. It was in that little workshop that my destiny was decided.  When I was 18 I set up business on my own and began this difficult but wonderful adventure that I am still experiencing today, with the same strength, desire and enthusiasm as in those early years.

 While Ugo De Rosa made frames for many riders and teams, one in particular is very familiar to us all.... that beautiful orange steel steed ridden by cycling's 'Great One'. Eddy Merckx was the heart of the Molteni racing machine, and beneath him was Ugo's work.

The Molteni machine 
For a limited time we will have a full size run of the De Rosa Avant. Please come by and experience the life work of Ugo. While the Avant is the introductory carbon frame in their line, its place belies its character and performance. 

 Stop by and we will attach your pedals, match your current fit numbers and pump up the tires. The rest is up to you. You can take it for sixty seconds or sixty miles! 

Eddy and Ugo inspect an auspicious track frame

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