Monday, December 7, 2015

Fall Beneath My Feet

Fall drapes our hills for what I consider the finest riding of the year. The allegory of the changing seasons on planet earth. Fall heralds the Holiday season with All Hallows Eve, the Day of Thanksgiving and ends in the culmination of many cultural and religious celebrations. For me, it symbolizes the shedding of the past year and gets me mentally, spiritually and physically ready to start a new. It is a time of reflection and a chance to widen your views and broaden your soul. All while riding through life. We are here to help one another and figure out a way to make it all work, with love and respect as the foundation of our efforts. So before we go out in to the world this holiday season, lets try to remember to enjoy each other. And take that extra time to stop and help that cyclist who is stopped on the side of the road. 
And before I forget, the riding is amazing! So join us on our next ride and share some holiday cheer.

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