Saturday, March 19, 2016

Thanks for the last 14 years

In March of 2002, a new bike shop opened in Danville, with the hopes and dreams of bringing the passion of cycling to a growing community. Our goal was to offer brands and products that were not seen in any other shops in the East Bay. We focused on European manufacturers and American builders, that were coveted by enthusiasts and racers alike. In 2004 we created C4 Racing, starting with only a dozen riders; the team grew quickly to over 100 members. We were also the first sponsors of the local junior racing team, Tiene Duro. Via C4 we started both the Lafayette Criterium, and the Mt. Diablo time trial that still ascends Northgate road to just below the junction. We were the first partners with Team DMC, a women's multi-sport club and team. I also named, and helped sponsor the first Cruella Ride hosted by DMC. And then there is the Mt. Diablo Challenge, which through the eight or so years we were associated, saw Pegasus donate over $12K to help the cause of our favorite mountain. We have had an amazing list of talented employee athletes: two that went on to be National Champions; one current pro; and the amazing amateur athletes that we call our regular clients. Before we go, we would like to thank all of you that supported us, and hope you continue to do so in the next evolution of the shop!! It may be a little bit of a drive, but I assure you it will be worth it! In the interim, please feel free to contact me at I will continue to take care of you all as best I can. I will have news posted soon about the next phase of life for Pegasus Bicycle Works. Stay tuned…


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