Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Faraday Demo bike on the Floor!

Interested in experiencing the next generation of clean transportation? Whether you are looking for a new way to get to work, cruise to the farmers market or just exercise, Faraday has you covered. In my experience with E-bikes, they are typically all a blast to zip around on. But what sets Faraday apart is the seamless transition from non-assisted pedaling to electrified pedaling! I have found myself riding this bike both with and without the aid of the torque inducing, front wheel drive, 350 watt max output hub.  But it is in those non-juiced moments that the Faraday shines. It is a pleasure to roll on. Well balanced, a natural feeling bike. This CANNOT be said about all E-bikes. Most are HEAVY and dead once the the power is cut. Ever ridden your bike with the brake pads rubbing? Add 30 pounds and you get the idea.

Stop by the shop and try this nuvo-retro versatile bike. And for those of you non-believers who have non-riding significant others... this can be a great equalizer. You get to ride at your pace and your partner can keep up and get a taste of the sport you love. You never know, they may actually fall in  love with the bike. And wouldn't that be amazing?

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