Saturday, December 12, 2009

Commitment to the Ride

Some say that I'm "committed,” and others say that I should be committed. A little less than six months ago I got a wild hair up my bum. I randomly decided to ride every single day for the next calendar year. Ooops! What in the hell was I thinking?!? Apparently I wasn’t thinking at all. Here I am in the middle of my journey, and riding in the rain, hail, and bitter cold temperatures. Nope, I definitely wasn't thinking.

Not thinking aside, I did make a commitment, and I’m standing by it, or pedaling through it…

I’ll be posting some of the stories about my journey here. The photo is from yesterday’s ride on Mount Tamalpais. It was rainy and cold, and doing a striptease in my backyard was the only way to keep the mud out of my house! ;-)

Some friends have nicknamed me “Bloggin-Goggin.” I think that’s how I’ll sign off from here on out.

Until the next posting, Bloggin-Goggin.

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