Thursday, December 3, 2009

Riding to the Junction and a Mountain Bike Ride Invitation

Mel and I had a lot of fun yesterday as we rode up Mount Diablo from the North Gate. It was a bit of a chilly start to the ride as we left Mel's house in Concord, but as soon as we hit the rollers that are just past the north gate, we began to warm up, and by the time that we hit the climb we were steaming along.

Being it that I'm from Marin and only ride Diablo a couple of times a year, I always forget about just how long of a climb it is up to the Junction. Yesterday was no exception. It's quite simply a great climb, if you're a masochist like me.

Once at the Junction we rested briefly before hopping back on our rigs and freezing our butts off on the way back to down to Danville on the south side. Once there we warmed up while eating lunch in the PBW/Peets quad. How about we all plan to do a Diablo mountain bike ride before the rains muck things up?

Here's the Garmin information from the ride if anyone is interested:


  1. That sounds great, but I think that there are several of us planning on riding at Rockville on Sunday. Should we all meet there?

  2. I say we get a big Diablo ride in before the rains make a mess of things and save the Rockpile for a rainy day ;-)


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